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Patient Acquisition & Retention
Innovative and Measurable Solutions to Grow Your Dermatology Practice

"Semantics Marketing  helped me get timely feedback and generate more positive reviews for my practice. What I like best is that they know how to tie whatever we do online to actual dollars coming in."
- Melissa Lazarus, LazarusMD.com
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It's All About the Mobile Phone

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Patient Relationship Management Strategies that Work
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Adopt and Leverage Technology

Most dermatology practices are using Patient Relationship Management software, but aren't taking advantage of advanced features which means they're leaving money on the table.
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Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution

Our solution uses data from your Patient Relationship Management software to create and implement highly targeted marketing campaigns that cost less and perform better. 
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Return On Investment Reporting

To grow your practice, you must measure everything you do. We analyze and report on advertising and marketing activities, tie it to ROI and tell you what is (and isn't) working.
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